HBPO Commitment

Provide BPO services with quality, technology standards and modern. Save costs and bring the highest surplus value to customers.
Operating the project continuously and stably.
Reciprocating regularly.
Support to provide modern technology solutions.

Reason for choosing HBPO

“We have 10 years experience and our goal is to successfully satisfy every client.”

Reason for choosing HBPO

Project management that put continuous stability with top priority
    Once trusted by customers, we believe that stably operating the project is the biggest contribution to customers.
    To ensure that continuous stability, we pay special attention to 3 main points that including:
  • Recruitment - Periodic training course
  • Evaluationsystem for managers.
  • Ensure health for employees.
Quick response - Friendly communication
  • Quick response - courteous courteous communication as if sitting beside
  • By quick response and politely communicating, as if sitting next to, we eliminate the insecurity as there is no staff in charge at the client-side office.
Actively develop technologies and RPA applications
  • Project managers are always aware and develop automated processes to achieve higher quality and shorten the delivery time.
  • In addition,we keep in close contact with our own RPA application development team to enhance the applicability of thetechnology to the system.

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