In September 2018, our company, HBPO (Hikari BPO Solutions Limited Liability Company), was officially established in Da Nang – one of Vietnam’s three vibrant and emerging cities. Our main mission is data processing outsourcing (also known as BPO).

At the time of establishment, we had 10 employees, and as of now, this number has increased to 120 employees.

Continuing in the spirit of always remembering those challenging times, we have leveraged our capabilities to achieve numerous successes and accolades domestically and internationally, contributing to the development of Vietnam’s digital technology industry.

Especially, our company has independently developed RPA tools into BPO operations, providing high efficiency and ensuring the best service quality.

Therefore, HBPO has decided to become a leading BPO company in Vietnam, specializing more in business operations, focusing on young resources. We have continued to develop and contribute to the development of the global digital technology industry.

Focusing on Vietnam’s young workforce, we aim to create a dynamic, cohesive, and comfortable working environment, primarily by incorporating greenery into our office spaces to create a green, clean, and beautiful environment, enhancing air quality and making employees feel attached to their workplace, thereby fostering long-term bonds with HBPO.

Thanks to this, over the past five years since our establishment, HBPO’s service reputation has also been highly valued worldwide, trusted and entrusted by Japanese, American, European, Asian, and global customers.

Recognizing the importance of BPO services in the trend of AI and digital transformation, HBPO continues to maintain its goal of aiming for customer satisfaction and enhancing customer benefits. Our BPO services are expanding to address future digital transformation issues, applying RPA technology to services and proudly contributing to the development of BPO services and HBPO worldwide.

Through the trust of our employees, over the five years since our establishment, we have consistently upheld the motto, “the success of the customer is the success of HBPO”, aiming to become a BPO company respected by customers worldwide, with customers saying, “I feel secure with HBPO”. With gratitude, we will exert all efforts to contribute to customers and society.

Once again, HBPO sincerely thanks and eagerly awaits assistance from our valued customers.