HBPO always supposes the processes that can be automated in the Client’s work. ...


HBPO concentrates on building up the capacity of the programmer’s team to expand ...


On the way to pursuing the goals of customers, HBPO is very pleased ...


HBPO always supposes the processes that can be automated in the Client’s work. ...

Hikari BPO Solutions

Brighten Up Your Dream

"Human resources are always the core element of HBPO. Building a strong and confident team to always be ready to accept the challenges ahead. Technology is an important factor, always updating and improving to meet the needs of customers. Ensure absolute confidentiality to bring trust to customers. The process is essential to maintain HBPO. Step by step to achieve the most suitable process. On the way to achieve the goal, HBPO always attaches importance to the working process. HBPO's success is not only about achieving the set goals, but HBPO's success also improves in the process, every moment that each HBPO member always strives for. "

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Bring benefits and trust to the staff, thereby contributing to providing the best service to customers. Always cultivate and improve the ability of the staff, helping all employees to be confident, progressive, and full of energy so that every customer always wants to work with HBPO.

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"HBPO desires to become one of the leading BPO companies in Vietnam. Expand the market so that HBPO's products and services are present in not only Japan but also in Asia, Europe, and America. "

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所在地 東京都港区赤坂4-13-5
電話番号 03-6820-0330
設立 2014年3月28日
代表者 高橋賢吾
事業内容 BPOサービス


I have been working in BPO and ITO for roughly eight years.
During these 8 years, I have had many wonderful encounters in China, Philippines, Vietnam, etc.

The meeting with Vietnamese friends became very close friends.
They are a wonderful team that has engaged with me on numerous projects and overcome many struggles together.
They leave a deep impression of who has a good responsibility for work, desire for new experiences and new technologies, care for others…and this advantage is getting more after each project.

They and I established a subsidiary firm called “HIKARI BPO SOLUTIONS Co., Ltd.” in Vietnam in September 2018.

We develop the BPO service business based on the use of RPA (robot technology) and propose the most appropriate business improvement plan corresponding to each appropriate business field.

“RPA is the work that people do not have to do, and overseas teams are the work that people should do.”
I suppose this is the optimal solution for BPO, through it, customers can obtain the monumental value that our company serves.
In addition, not only making a huge contribution to customers, but I am also thrilled that Vietnamese colleagues in our company have absorbed valuable experience and technology in this process.

If you discover the skill of using RPA, you can create power for hundreds of people by yourself.
In other words, RPA has the potential to play an essential role not only in Japan but also around the world.

We are still a young company but we look forward to receiving your enthusiastic support.

Takahashi Kengo


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