On 20th in October, HBPO had an overnight picnic in Hoi An. The event was held on Vietnamese Women’s Day to honor the women. In addition, the activity is also aimed to bring the members of the company closer together

After spending more than 30 minutes moving, all the members gathered together in front of Villa’s yard and conducted building games. The team started with a circle game with laughs, experiencing many other games that created a happy atmosphere that smashed away the harsh sunshine of the weather.

The drops of sweat not only show the spirit of the team members, but also show the spirit of teamwork together to overcome the challenges of the team

In the evening, the members had a fun evening with a buffet and flower delivery for boys and girls with sweet wishes. Besides, HBPO – er had singing and dancing performances together. Excellent voices were heard in the exciting atmosphere
HBPO always hopes our members will always associate with us to make the company stronger and stronger.

With the support of the weather, the picnic took place successfully, creating a fun and comfortable atmosphere for members of a group to have the opportunity to interact and understand more about the personality of other members. HBPO hopes, this will be part of your youth memory


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HBPO provides the following services:

– Entering and processing data (Receipt, Application form, Survey sheet …)

– Processing & editing images

– Processing & Gathering information as required

– Back office for e-commerce websites

– Digitizing & labeling data …

Experienced, dynamic staff will satisfy all requirements of customers. Please contact Hotline: 0903 523 349 or email: info@hikaribpo.com.vn

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