HBPO organizes teambuilding party for all employees

In the morning of April 20, 2019, at Tien Sa – Son Tra port, HBPO company organized a team building party for the company’s employees. This was an activity to build teamwork, relieve stresses in work and more importantly, eliminate distance and understand more each other to serve a goal of co-developing to bring the company up.

Tien Sa Port is a paradise between the beautiful landscape and the fresh climate beside the beach.

In the morning, we quickly moved to the place to divide into the groups. We started with the “Bịt mắt ăn sữa chua” game (it means cover the eyes to eat yogurt), the game that required cooperation between two members. The game brought laughter to everyone.

One by one, we continued with games such as “Vẽ tiếp sức” (it means every members draw something turn by turn) “nhảy bao bố” (it means you are in sack and jump). Games required a team was full of solidarity and support.

In the afternoon, the games are “Two-legged”,  “boat race”, “Bóng né”, “pouring water into the bottle”. We had a meaningful day, were delighted to laugh even though we were standing under the bright sun and summer. HBPO members were shouting, dancing, laughing together

The success of the stamp of HBPO was very successful, creating a happy and comfortable atmosphere for members of a group to have the opportunity to exchange and understand the personality of other members, but strengths and weaknesses of each person to complement and coordinate smoothly with each other.

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