The BPO service market size in 2022 will reach 8769 billion yen

AI technology: artificial intelligence is a technology that simulates the processes of thinking and learning of people for machines, especially computer systems.

BPO (Business Process Outsoucing) is a type of outsourcing, delegating the company’s business process to outsourcing companies. It is not the same as nominating a professional representative or dispatching personnel as usual, here is a kind of outsourcing as a business strategy centered around operations such as accounting and human resources. 

Furthermore, the feature not only delegate tasks that are fixed to using outsiders, but also extend the scope to both things such as business methods, user systems and operations related to recruiting personnel for that profession.

Currently, BPO services are gaining attention, and businesses that apply it are also increasing. In such a situation, the study of BPO that organizes market research involves understanding the actual situation or the trend, the level of dominance of the news or the news related to BPO. In established anniversary, “BPO synthesis research organization” which is a research agency in the BPO, which has produced a report related to this market. This time I would like to introduce a part of this report.

 The BPO service market size in 2022 will reach 8769 billion yen

This report is belonged to Hynel Solutions company after applying the “construction market of the integrated research advisory group” of Bainit company to provide Marketing – PR service, an integral part of the service in Overall BPO research has been jointly established by 2 companies with the aim of conducting research and investigation activities, advertising activities towards the development of BPO field.

In this report, it first cites “an estimate of the domestic BPO service market” that IDC Japan is a specialized IT investigation company. Based on that, the market in 2017 is 7,346 billion yen, up 4.7% over the previous year, the average growth rate from 2017 to 2022 is 3.6%, and this market scale in 2022 up to 8,769 billion yen.

Moreover, the highest segment of the average annual growth rate in the domestic BPO service market by 2017 is the HR BPO service market. In addition to the need to work towards outsourcing with the aim of strengthening health benefits, short-term careers related to my number have also contributed a large part to this market. Since 2018, my number-related operations have subsided but this market with continued leadership in health care consolidation is expected to promise good growth.

In addition, the research institute synthesizes NOMURA, according to a joint study with Ph.D. economist Carl Benedikt Frey, Associate Professor Michael A. Osbourne of Oxford University in the UK, expectations towards AI functions instead of Man’s craft in the future is gradually increasing.

After calculating the probability of 601 domestic occupations replaced by AI, robot .. stated the estimated results that can replace and account for about 49% of the Japanese labor population in 10 to 20 years later.

In this research result, careers require services aimed at negotiating, persuading and explaining others, cooperating with others, occupations requiring knowledge to organize the creation of abstract concepts. like art, historical research, archeology, philosophy. The replacement with AI technology is difficult.

 Note: IDC is an acronym for Internet data center and this is a place to manage the enterprise’s computer system.

Business switching to AI

With the booming BPO market, there are also many areas where work is being replaced by AI, and especially the service that AI has become an interviewer in the field of recruitment has also emerged. The Talent and assessment company began offering AI interview services “SHaiN EX” that specialized in perfect recruitment, expertise and part-time jobs in July 2018.

This is an AI technology interview service for the first time in Japan specialized in perfect recruitment, expertise and part-time jobs. It is a service that the AI ​​conducts on behalf of people for job interviews, analyzing whether the character is a person with the quality needed for the company, and then sends a diagnosis, investigation report.

With specific features, firstly you can select the questions you want to hear from the applicant to find the image you want for each company. In addition, interview times are shorter than face-to-face meetings, so you can register anytime, anywhere, so applicants can easily receive an interview with company. And therefore, the barrier to getting an interview will decrease and the number of candidates is expected to increase.

Moreover, this technology has advantages such as:

+ The time that we spend to schedule and manage applicants will only be zero.

+ After confirming the conditions of the applicant, 24 hours, 365 days whenever, anywhere can receive the inspection.

Arrangement of the interview hall, arranging interview time with the candidate will become unnecessary, in addition, canceling the interview of the applicant will not be available.

With the above things, the time of forced arrest in the interview will not be available, the business efficiency will be improved.

BPO supports areas where AI cannot be replaced

It seems, in the future, AI seems indispensable for the development of BPO. In short, this is also outsourcing business to AI.

The BPO synthesis researcher concluded that the conclusion This time, the important thing is that when you are fully aware of having a lot If AI is difficult to replace, it must use BPO well.

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