The connection solution between OCR and RPA extends business automation
RPA OCR solution, by using the link between OCR and RPA, can expand office business automation.

What is RPA?

RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation, also known as “Digital Labor” virtualizing the workforce. It is defined as a mechanism for using the motor in a regular way, learning machines, artificial intelligence …. To create efficiency and automate white work (white-collar means office work, desk)

You can design and improve the efficiency of your office operations by effectively using RPA to replace common tasks from human to robot. The application of the RPA not only reduces costs by improving work efficiency, but also a useful solution from an internal control point of view because of a way to visually visualize business processes.

Feature of RPA

RPA is an automation tool, a representative that performs complicated or troublesome tasks that people conduct, by re-creating the script on various PCs, registering / creating as ” Software-Robot “various operations on Windows PC, from Excel or web browser, or ERP, work flow and OCR to separate business systems.

Now that we are always said to be “reforming the way we work,” then let’s make productivity improvements through standardization of work and efficiency by using RPA. The application of RPA will be able to speed up work, expand processing, and reduce necessary personnel costs. Employees are freed from the work of writing and can concentrate resources on core business activities. And now we can review long-term labor, support the implementation of “work – life – balance” through reforming organization and workplace strongly.

Difference between BPO and RPA

Unlike Business Process Outsoucing (BPO), RPA doesn’t support human manual labor replacement, that is software form robots, so it can operate 24 hours a day 365 days and even When there arises during a sudden work, it is still possible to react immediately without setting up a maintenance period, preparing necessary things such as ensuring personnel. In order for human error to be kept to a minimum, RPA also has advantages that can reduce checkers, verify employees while working. Moreover, it can handle confidential information without touching the human eye.

Techniques to run RPA

RPA is a software robot that represents people who perform tasks on a PC, so the technical element needed to operate the RPA is the technique for reading, writing, and abacus.

The technique corresponding to “reading” is OCR recognizing characters, recognizing images, speech recognition and techniques corresponding to “writing” as “reprinting”, “printing”, “displaying”, ” accumulate “,” store “,” media “, manipulate. Techniques corresponding to “abacus” are Workflow, transaction, analysis and calculation. In addition, the technique of “reading” will probably be necessary for the future with techniques to read the atmosphere, temperature, environment, future, interpretation, meaning, logic.

Advantages of RPA

1. Application, simple operation

It is not necessary to repair existing applications, we can apply it simply. Workflow anyone can manipulate, can do the workflow ,.

2. Operating 24 hours / day, 365 days

Because it is a software robot, not a manual labor work, it can operate 24 hours a day, 365 days.

3. Change personnel effectively

Simple tasks after entrusting to the RPA can change valuable human resources and time for more efficient business.

4. Increase accuracy

Minimize errors in business, such as human mistakes, wrong entry-check.

5. Increase security

Ability to handle confidential information without touching the human eye.

6. Processing large volume data

Significantly improve the effective operation of large volume data entry and recording.


RPA and OCR can expand the scope of business automation by using high cooperation links

For example, in the order processing business, by performing OCR processing on a scanned form or from a fax machine, and entering the output input the next business system (transport and production management system , sales …) by RPA,  work based on human is just confirmation (modification) whether OCR’s data conversion is properly identified. In addition to data entry, you can also automate random tasks such as sending  mail to complete orders (FAX) after entering, issuing instructions for shipping / sending invoices, creating invoices.

Example 1: Automating processing orders on paper platforms

Reduce employee activity to 98% and error to 0 by recording and distinguishing different order forms.

 Image scanning – OCR form software – OCR processing – Text data – Input operation – Input operation : System of sales management, Tool release sent

Example 2: About RPA-OCR application: Automatically transmits DM from collected business cards

After ending the trade fair, send an email to thank customers for attending

 Business card – Scan – Business card management software – TEXT data – Import operation – Mail delivery – Print name and address accepted

RPA “WinActor” Solution

WinActor is a domestic Net RPA solution that was born in 2010 NTT lab. It is a software-type robot that automates PC operations, learning application operations as a The script can be operated from a Windows terminal such as Excel, browser, separate business system. In other words, the operation of the application.

導入前:before application
オペレータによる端末操作:manipulate equipment of data entry members
It投資予算がない:There is no investment calculation of technology
=>人手かんばるしかない!!There is no other way to just try
導入後:after application
WinActorによる自動操作: Automatic operation based on WinActor
WinActorが代行致します。 WinActor as a representative
投入データを準備して実行ボタンを押すだけ : After preparing the input data, simply press the practice button

RPA solution “WinActor”

Compatible with any software that can be operated from a Window terminal

 Not only IE and Office products (Excel, Access, Word, Outlook, etc.) but also community use systems, separate creation systems, Workflow (electronic payment), ERP や OCR.

Complete Japanese perfectly
Complete Japanese from manuals to script creation screens.
Programming knowledge is not necessary.
Since the completion of the GUI, programming and special language knowledge is not required, anyone can easily create a script.
Relative, cheap.
It is set the purchase price easily.

It can work even with a PC
 Creating a special environment is unnecessary, it can be used only by installing on a PC

WinActor 4 interface

Tool RPA “WinActor” is running RPA with four automatic operation interfaces.

  • Type of user interface identifier (application / folder / window created by IE / VisualBasic · VisualStudio screen operation, …)
  • For files (Excel / CSV operation)
  • Image separation type (Office monitor / Java / Flash / PDF / Text / Browser (except IE)
  • Type of coordinated specification (OS / Mainframe / Emulator command)

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