RPA services

RPA services

“What is RPA?”

RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation. Simply put, RPA is technology software that allows computer devices and robots to mimic human actions to perform repetitive tasks related to digital operations. It helps businesses minimize unwarranted risks and save significantly on costs during their operations, execution, and control.

About RPA service at HBPO

In this digital age, the trend towards automation to save labor costs through advanced technology is ever-increasing. This is why RPA has become one of the fastest-growing technology software in the world. It persuades businesses to adopt RPA as early as possible to keep up with market trends.

Understanding the demand and keeping up with the trend, within HBPO, we have developed an RPA tool based on UiPath. At HBPO, we operate the RPA tool in the following manner

Customize the tool according to process changes

Compile reports and assess tool performance

Handle cases where the tool cannot process

Service Overview

Our company’s BPO project management team has experience in operating nearly 1000+ projects with over 7+ years of experience in the industry. We are committed to providing the best quality service to our clients.

Managing Website Product

To operate an e-commerce website, you need to carry out tasks such as “collect and process product information” → “register product information” → “update product information.” Our company’s RPA tool will take care of these tasks.

Processing Order Receipts

If order receipts are received in image form through fax or on paper, then the subsequent steps to continue processing these orders can be delegated to RPA.

Processing Procedure

Receive order image (human) → Enter data into Excel (human) → Enter data into Customer Management System (RPA) → Process order receipt (RPA) → Send completion email for order receipt (RPA) → Report to Customer (RPA

Personal Data Encryption

We will provide tools for encryption.
Depending on the requirements of each customer, we use three main encryption methods as follows:
(1) Extracting each input field
(2) Searching for image names of items from the entire form and then extracting the corresponding input fields
(3) Manually specifying the cut range and extracting combined input fields and optimizing methods according to the customer’s requirements.
In addition, we will propose optimized methods according to the customer’s content requirements.

Website Information Gathering
Performing various types of annotation based on AI technology

– Speech annotation
– Image annotation, dynamic image annotation
– Text annotation