The BPO project team has operated nearly 100 projects from complex projects, which require mastering Japanese, to large-scale projects that require a high level of control ability.

Business process

Preparation stage
  • Communicate with customers about project information make plans.
  • Build ways to operate and create rules.
  • Productivity management.
  • Trial implementation.
  • Analyze input errors and implement feedback for Data entry clerk.
The double entry stage
  • Error standard of entering number is 0.03%, error standard of entering Japanese text is 0.05%.
  • Conduct periodic training for Data entry clerk
Check compare stage
  • Request an experienced checker and database knowledge.
  • Checker team meets the requirements of professional qualifications (Passing Japanese language proficiency test, Han Chinese competency test ...)
The Last check step
  • Check random or check all contents entered, depending on the requirements of each project.


1. Update and maintain product information on online sales website.
  • Overview: Collect product information from paper and web,
    then cut out the product image and process it.
  • Quantity: About 15,000 products/month.
  • Productivity management.
  • Processed items: Product name, features, specifications, model, material, remarks, etc...
  • Analysis of input errors and feedback implementation for data entry members.
2. Digitize receipts and invoices.
  • Overview: Input data from receipts for handling accounting.
  • Quantity: About 50,000 products/month.
  • Processed items: Store name, phone number, date, amount etc...
3. Photo tagging.
  • Overview:Overview: Read the code from the image data of tens of thousands of participants running a marathon,
    then combine and input the data.
  • Quantity: 120,000 photos.
  • Duration of work: Within 3 days.
4. Processing of the accepted orders.
  • Overview: Handling received orders from FAX delivered in short time during 365 days.
  • Quantity: 8,000 to 15,000 cases/month.
  • Duration of work: Long periods or seasons

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