Quality management system

Quality management system

Along with providing services to customers, HBPO focuses on providing protection and work management measures to ensure that customers’ data and information are guaranteed to be completely secure. complete, secure handover.

Physical and human safety

HBPO focuses on ensuring the safety of ongoing work data from the outer circle to the inner circle, with physical and human security measures:
+ Building security personnel system.
+ Lock gates from exit locations and swipe identification cards to identify information of personnel licensed to enter and exit locations.
+ Online camera system monitors activities in the company.
+ Provide a place to store non-work related items, ensuring no information, images, or customer data is leaked or lost.

Network safety

HBPO focuses on investing in server systems to ensure transmission bandwidth, seamless connection with customers, and a firewall system to prevent illegal access from the outside.

Human safety

Personnel working at HBPO go through a careful selection process, ensuring input quality, and are trained with the necessary knowledge and skills in ensuring project information security.
At the same time, HBPO conducts online monitoring of employees’ work processes through specialized software, to control work performance, work progress as well as data that employees manipulate online on computers. .

Manage Company operations according to ISO 27001 Quality Management System

+ Recognize the importance of protecting customer information, especially in the BPO field. At HBPO, we consistently carry out our actions and work activities according to the information security standards of the ISO 27001 quality management system.
+ HBPO focuses on perfecting the system of policies, procedures, and regulations on information security systems (Document system, and storage network security system…).
+ HBPO aims to achieve ISO 27001 certification in 2019 to improve its operations in a professional, standard manner and bring trust to customers.


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